Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste

In a concerted effort to reduce waste and look after our World, we are moving towards ceasing the use of superfluous bags, boxes, labels, tags, packaging and all single-use plastics wherever possible.  

Traditionally, brands have been in the habit of adorning their items with boxes, tags and vinyl labelling or stickers.  Sometimes, this practice is required to show the items price and size details, manufacturing details or composition, or the items origin.

This is not to mention the packaging that is used to wrap and/or send the item to its new owner.  It had been a trend for brands to focus on a pleasant 'unboxing' experience, however at the cost of our environment and natural resources.

We are all rightly concerned about the waste we’re producing, and it’s one of the big areas of focus for the Ministry for the Environment. Waste is polluting our lands, our lakes and rivers, and our coasts and oceans, and it contributes over 5 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Tackling waste is a growing challenge here around the world, with major implications for our environment, economy and how we live our lives. We can solve our waste problem by becoming more efficient with the resources we use.

Protective packaging

We are proud to be partnering with R3 Pack®, a leading sustainable packaging company.  For protective shipping packaging, we are using WrapPak™, a beautiful ecofriendly solution to the traditional plastic bubble protection.

Geami WrapPak™ is the combination of a patented die cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper.  When dispensed it expands to a 3D honeycomb structure, providing the most innovative, and visually agreeable packaging solution.

There is no need to cut the wrap, we are able to simply tear and it will lock onto itself (yes reducing plastic tape too!)


    • Naturally biodegradable and compostable
    • Recyclable 
    • Made from sustainable forests 
    • The dispenser is also made from cardboard and recyclable  

    Courier/Shipping Bags

    Where possible, all items will be packed using shipped in a 100% compostable mailing bags - looks like plastic, feels like plastic, however it is NOT a plastic courier bag!

    R3Pack's compostable courier bags are are a great alternative to standard plastic courier bags.  Made from cornstarch and a few other biodegradable ingredients to make them tough for the job. 

    Certified by international standards to be both home and commercially compostable without compromising on durability.  (EN13432, AS4736, AS5810)


    • Made from plants 
    • Non-toxic Inks
    • Both Home & Commercially compostable

    All the item information will be held on our website & product pages, so please refer to them.  And your purchase receipt and invoices will be sent via email.


    Cases are a tough one, as they need to be robust enough to look after your frames, yet ideally not have an environmental impact.  We currently use a standard EVA case, which can be commercially recycled. 

    However we are in the process of exploring an alternative in order to further reduce our environmental impact.  This is an ongoing project for us to solve as part of our Evolve initiative. 

    Where possible our packaging, including labelling will be fully recycled, recyclable or compostable.

    Your delivery will have recycled labels, one for the Courier with your address details, the other with a barcode and product code for our distribution operatives.

    We know aren't perfect, however we will make every effort to continuously improve.  We know you will fully support us in our efforts to be an environmentally responsible company.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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