Forge Eyewear Co.

The Foundry, Drapers Yard, London
From humble beginnings
Who we are

A boutique brand, Forge designs, tests & produces high-quality eyewear from our Foundry in the heart of London.

The Forge Eyewear Co. has grown to form a powerful team who work together to bring the best in high-quality sunglasses, optics and eyewear to our customers, with an emphasis on product design, quality, performance, value and service.

We are really proud to have customers all over the World wearing our frames.

Contemporary, yet classic
An Alternative.

A modern approach to a heritage product - building on 150+ years of development.

Clean lines and classic design, a seamless combination of proven materials, heritage processes and technological advancements.  We wanted to produce and provide a really high-quality alternative to the monopoly brands, at a fair price, made with our DNA.

From the outset the mission was to bring a quality, durable, lasting product, with a simple, clean and modern design aesthetic.

We wanted to ensure we offer the absolute best value we can for our customers, coupled with a seamless shopping experience from end to end.

Designed for life
Our Way

Our adventure-ready eyewear is designed to be worn, and perform, day after day, wear after wear.  No senseless details, just clean designs, durable enough to survive & thrive in our active and hectic lifestyles.

Great looking, high-performing eyewear, with an emphasis on aesthetic design, quality, durability, performance and value.

We also wanted to create an easy, no-stress, no hassle, personal shopping experience for our customers.

How we work
Our ethos

Our products are the result of expertise, experience, extensive testing, and a no-compromise approach to everything we do.

We've sourced the best materials partners in the World, we're really lucky to be working with them.

We rigorously test our products out in the field, and up against the best our competitors have to offer.  We make sure we 110% stack up against them. 

We also want to ensure we offer best in class service for everyone who chooses to shop with us.

We aren't perfect, but we do our best to continually evolve and improve.

Designed by us
Made for you

We spend a lot of time designing, testing and proving our products, along with our customers shopping experience, trying to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We have been lucky enough to form partnerships with some of the leading component and materials suppliers in the World, to create unique eyewear with a quality to match, and surpass, the other brands on the market.

We individually craft & test each frame.  Always evolving and improving, we only produce small batches at a time, listen to feedback, and bring out fresh, improved & updated designs regularly.

What we're about
What we value

Quality - in everything we do, make and produce

Service - 100% customer satisfaction, every time

Performance - in our products, services, and our team

Value - with every product and service we offer

Teamwork - supporting each other for progress towards our company and personal goals

Respect - for our team, customers and environment

We look forward to having you on our team, we’ll see you out there.

The Forge Eyewear Co.

The Foundry

Drapers Yard
London, UK

(Our Workshop & Offices - Non-retail)